Frequently Asked Questions (7)

How do I apply?

Submit an application here.

What are the size of the grant awards?

OGP offers grants in tiers from $1-$500 USD, $500-$5K USD, $5K-$10K USD, $10K-$25K USD, $25K-$50K USD, and over $50K USD. Each tier requires a corresponding level of due diligence from the OGP team. Small grants go through lighter processes.

What information is needed for the application?

OGP requests basic information regarding the applicant and team involved along with a project title, focus area, budget, proposal summary, project scope, metrics for success and outline of challenges, roadmap and milestones, description of how project benefits Olympus, and relevant links.

How are applications evaluated for approval and how transparent is the process?

Applications are evaluated during OGP teams due diligence through a modular Benchmark framework that enables structured and factual assessment. Value and culture alignment, benefits to Olympus and the econOHMy, and team experience and expertise are factored in.

What happens after a grant application?

You should receive an email confirmation following submission of the application form. Our goal is to communicate decisions within 30 days of application submission.

If accepted, what are the next steps?

  • If accepted, OGP negotiates terms and milestones with each grantee and establishes a start date. Grantees complete an intake survey and are then introduced to the rest of their cohort.
  • OGP responsively designs each cohort's grant program according to the intake surveys. The program is a mix of networking events, peer working sessions, show and tell, and routine check-ins.

What is the term for the grant cohort?

Each grant cohort receives a name that corresponds to a mushroom genus classification in increasing alphabetical order.